Hiroko Takahashi Exhibition Now On

We're delighted to announce our newest exhibition in the Ki Niseko gallery is that of talented, Sapporo-based artist, Hiroko Takahashi. The exquisite collection features ink drawings portraying the beauty and movement of Hokkaido animals, illustrated with the finest of detail.

The works, which are digitally processed on papers dyed in coffee, highlight the natural beauty of the animals with immense realism and life-like movement.

"This exhibition at Ki Niseko is about the Hokkaido animals including the animals I drew in 2015," Hiroko said.

"Through close observation, I depicted their characteristic movement often seen catching their pray in the harsh nature. It is my way of expressing animal life."

"My artwork is about life around me. My philosophy of life is expressed through the ordinary subjects surrounding us," Hiroko explains.

Born in Akita Prefecture in 1977 and brought up in Sapporo, Hiroko began publishing her work of acrylic paintings and pen drawings from 2013. As a Sapporo local, Hiroko participates in a number of solo and group exhibitions in Sapporo.

We invite you to come and marvel at the stunning works which will be exhibited for a limited time only.

Exhibition is free of charge.
To see the exhibition, please see Concierge at Ki Niseko.

Read more about Hiroko Takahashi at her official website.