KIYOE GALLERY NISEKO presents, Natsuki Kubo solo exhibition

KIYOE GALLERY NISEKO presents its 7th exhibition at An Dining.

Enjoy the world of Hokkaido Calligrapher Natsuki Kubo, who presents modern calligraphy that is borderless and alive.


Natsuki Kubo

Born in Kyowa, Hokkaido. At age of 7 she started studying Japanese calligraphy under Zuiho Sato, a master calligrapher. After receiving numerous calligraphy awards, she moved her main base of activities to Sapporo in 2012. This was when she started trying to present modern calligraphy which is borderless and alive. She collaborated her work with various areas including music, costumes, light, food and dance.

In 2019 she moved to Tsukigata. Her original inspiration comes from all of the small parts in her daily life and vast nature of Hokkaido.


Location: An Dining (Ki Niseko 1F)

When: 4 July - 27 August, 2020 (artworks changed over on 19th August)

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For more information, please see the exhibition poster 1 & 2.

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