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Try Hokkaido-inspired Pho at An Dining

An Dining Head Chef Shinichi Maeda has created his own unique take on Pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of broth, rice noodles, herbs and meat.


Cows Arrive, Cow Parade Artists Get Started

The first stage of Cow Parade Niseko is now underway, after the 47 life-size model cows that will make up the exhibition were delivered to Niseko last week.


Preparing for a Cow Parade!

Preparations for one of the most anticipated events of the Niseko summer, the Cow Parade, are progressing steadily.


Let's Go to Milk Koubou!

As Milk Koubou is featured in most Niseko guide books, this destination for sweets-lovers is one of the hot spots to visit in the area.


An Dining Serves Up Exciting Spring Menu

The change in seasons has inspired a fresh spring menu from An Dining's Head Chef Shinichi Maeda, which is predictably packed with local Hokkaido produce.