Try Hokkaido-inspired Pho at An Dining

An Dining Head Chef Shinichi Maeda has created his own unique take on Pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of broth, rice noodles, herbs and meat. Maeda has called his creation "PHO by Hokkaido Produce" and has used a selection of locally sourced ingredients, including Niseko rice flour Kirara397, Hokkaido Hokke greenling fish sauce and Hokkaido Takikawa duck.


Shinichi Maeda's "PHO by Hokkaido Produce"

The result is a beautifully balanced, fresh noodle dish, perfect for a relaxing lunch overlooking Mt. Yotei from An Dining's mountain-side location (the Ki Niseko ground floor).

The recent addition to the menu supports Maeda's aim to use the freshest and most interesting Hokkaido ingredients he can get his hands on. “Our goal is to use as much local produce as possible, to visit suppliers and local fishmongers, vegetable farmers and markets." Maeda is so commited to this mantra that he regularly joins local fishing trips himself to find the best catch for his restaurant guests.

To try "PHO by Hokkaido Produce" head to An Dining between from 11am to 3pm (lunch finishes at 3:30pm). To make an online booking, click here.

PHO by Hokkaido Produce

(All gluten free products)

An Dining and Cafe is proud to support local Niseko businesses and would like to introduce these beautiful Hokkaido products.

100% Niseko rice flour Kirara397

5 kinds of Hokkaido anchovies and duck

Fish sauce
Hokkaido Hokke greenling fish sauce

Smoked duck
Hokkaido Takikawa duck

Shiso, myoga, mitsuba and bean sprouts