6 Ways to Have a Wellness Holiday in Niseko

Whether you're visiting Niseko during the height of Hokkaido's glorious summer season or when the powder snow is falling in winter, Niseko is a feel-good destination. A mix of fresh Hokkaido air, beautifully fresh produce, a plethora of activities to try (or master!) and plenty of cultural experiences to be had, Niseko is great holiday destination to enhance your health, wellness and vitality.

Here's seven ways to re-energise, re-inspire and feel fantastic not only during your stay, but long after your holiday ends.

Eat Well

We all know that then you eat well, you feel well. You have increased energy, feel lighter and more active, have a better mood and less cravings for unhealthy snacks or sugary treats.

Feed your body with some of healthiest and most delectable cuisine in all of Japan with Hokkaido's famous, impeccably fresh, local produce. Think seafood, like fish, crab, scallops and sea urchin, and a range of fruits and vegetables like asparagus, potato and apples.

Savour famous Hokkaido fare at our in-house restaurant, An Dining, where Head Chef Shinichi Maeda uses only the freshest Hokkaido produce to delight diners.

An Dining cuisine

On the Menu: Smoked Hokkaido cherry blossom trout with horse radish yogurt sauce and beer jelly.

Move Your Body

Relieve stress and tension during your holiday by getting active. Whether you like high intensity workouts or prefer to simply stretch it out at a slow place, ove the way you want, too. From cross-country skiing and yoga classes in winter to cycling and golf in summer, there really is an activity for everyone in Niseko, all year round.


Make tracks: Get active whichever way you like to in Niseko.

Connect (and Disconnect!)

Niseko is the perfect setting to explore with your friends or take time out away your busy schedule to reconnect and spend time with your family. Niseko caters for families in many of the services and facilities on offer such as both adult's and kid's ski lessons.

Niseko's also an idyllic destination to meet new people. With an array of venues, events and activities on throughout the year, its easy to mix with new faces from all around the world.

It's important to disconnect, too. To truly get the most out of your holiday it's a good idea to try and be as 'present' as possible. turn off your work email notifications and use your mobile phone only to take those happy holiday-snaps to really get the most out of your holiday.

Try Something New

Holidays are an ideal chance to have new, exciting and unexpected experiences. From new places, people, faces, food, cultures and more, holidays are a great chance to try your hand at something new, to challenge yourself and to surprise yourself.

Why not try a Japanese dish you haven't tried before, or wear a kimono or taste macha (green tea) during a traditional Japanese tea ceremony at Ki Niseko. Not to mention the array of activities to try out in Niseko like snowshoeing or snowmobiling in winter and kayaking and Japanese BBQs in summer. The choice is yours!

Tea Ceremony at Ki Niseko

Immerse in traditional Japanese culture at our in-house events.

Nourish the Soul

An escape to Niseko is a great opportunity to fuel your passions and do the things you love (or discover new ones). Whether that's being surrounded by nature, heading out onto the mountain to explore deep powder terrain with your friends, trying new cuisines from around the world or experiencing new cultures, Niseko is a destination to inspire and nurture your soul.

Take Time for You

With life's busy schedule its often difficult to find time to have some real time-out to re-charge, relax and re-energise, especially when there's children in your family. There are many ways to escape and find some indulgent bliss in Niseko.

At Ki Niseko, you can soak away life's stresses in true Japanese-style at Ki Onsen, or have those tensions massaged away at Ki Spa. And, you don't have to stop at just a massage, enjoy a wide range of services at the spa or in the privacy of your own room, from invigorating foot massages to facials.


Be the very best version of yourself with some time-out for you.

Start planning your wellness getaway now with our range of rooms and services.

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