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An Dining

Locally-sourced fine Japanese dining in genius Head Chef Shinichi Maeda's innovative shin-nihonshoku style.



From the crew who put several renowned Niseko restaurants on the map, here is the latest great offering. One of our top recommendations for this winter.

Alpinist 2

The Alpinist

Upscale French restaurant situated in the centre of Hirafu, specialising in fondue, raclette, crêpes, and galettes.


A-Bu-Cha 2

Niseko-Hirafu's most popular Japanese izakaya, easily accessed via Ki Niseko shuttle.


Bang Bang

A favourite izakaya whose many dishes include char-grilled Hokkaido beef loin steak, boiled Shiretoko thornyhead, salmon sashimi, and Akkeshi oysters.

The Barn

The Barn

French-style hearty meals, cocktails, and a notable menu of wine, served in a warm, authentic alpine bistro atmosphere.

Bombay Sizzlers

Bombay Sizzlers

Delicious authentic Indian dining in the heart of Hirafu.


Crab Dining Kanon

Course dinners with crab as the main course, local vegetables and Japanese saké pairings.


Ezo Seafoods

Fresh and high quality seafood served in a cosy lower village restaurant. A favorite Niseko-Hirafu experience not to be missed.


Grandpapa Fondue

Original course dinners with a focus on traditional Swiss cheese fondue served at one of the last Japanese family-run lodges in Hirafu.



Fresh fish sourced from Tsukiji Market in Tokyo and the finest Hokkaido produce.

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A Michelin-starred dining experience that combines Japanese and French traditions in menus designed by Head Chef Yuichi Kamimura.

Kobe Tei Thumbnail

Kobe Tei Niseko

Enjoy the most premium ranked wagyu in Japan, hand picked and treated by an experienced chef.

Lava Lounge

Lava Lounge Pizza

Casual pizzeria popular with locals that serves hot appetisers, draft beer and signature cocktails (pizza delivery available).


La villa Lupicia

Generous lunch and premium dinner buffet of Hokkaido seasonal dishes, served with great wines and Japanese sake.


Niseko Pizza

Niseko Pizza is a family-run Italian restaurant offering a menu made with lots of love and the best quality ingredients.


Niseko Ramen Kazahana

Hirafu ramen shop known for its unique creamy and fluffy potato ramen.


Rakuichi Soba

Renowned soba course meals served cosy wooden interior in a secluded atmosphere.

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Robata Niseko Naniwatei

Robata Niseko Naniwatei

An authentic traditional kaiseki experience in Niseko that offers insight into the origins of Japanese cuisine.

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Hotpot and sukiyaki specialists serving A5-A4 wagyu beef, local seafood, as well as vegetarian and gluten-free options.


Shokusai Hirafu

Beautifully prepared, exquisitely served sushi and seafood, located a short stroll away from Ki Niseko.



Set-menu style restaurant featuring an intimate setting and a focus on the freshest Japanese cuisine.