Restaurants around Ki Niseko

Introducing restaurants around Ki Niseko! For those who know what they're looking for, please use the table below and make a direct booking. If you would like any assistance in booking a restaurant, please contact our concierge team here. If you would like a little more detail, please take a look out our guide.

Please note: many restaurants are very small and last-minute cancellations are damaging to their business. As a result, most restaurants have strict cancellation polices and some restaurants ask for a credit card or deposit to make a reservation. Please contact each restaurant directly to make a booking. Restaurant business conditions are subject to change at any time.

Restaurant Name Cuisine Distance from Ki Niseko Notes
Jingisukan Eijin Bettei Jingisukan BBQ 60m
HAKU Steak Steak 60m
Sushi Shin Sushi 250m(In Sansui Niseko) Reservation only from November 1st for lunch and dinner. All meals consist of raw fish
Dining by LUPICIA Japanese/Western Boutique Hotel 250m(In Sansui Niseko) Reservation only for lunch and dinner
Toshiro Bar Whisky and Cocktail bar 250m(in Sansui Niseko) Walk-in only
Ristorante Pizzeria R Niseko Authentic Italian / Pizzeria 350m(In Maple Niseko) Reservation only from November for dinner. Transfer service upon request.
Roketto Singaporian 350m(In Maple Niseko) Lunch: walk-in only, Dinner: Reservation only
Bang Bang Yakitori 400m Reservation available 90 days prior to booking date for dinner
Kumo Restaurant Izakaya 500m(In Skye Niseko)
Asahikawa Tozanken Ramen 500m Walk-In Only
Sanroku Jingisukan Yakiniku 550m Reservation, pay in advance for lunch (Dec 13 onwards) and dinner
AKARU Izakaya 600m(Info Yamashizen)
méli mélo -Yuki No Koe- French and Italian 550m(In Setsu Niseko)
AFURI Ramen 550m(In Setsu Niseko) Walk In only
Sushi Kato INORI Sushi 550m(In Setsu Niseko)
Tempura Araki Tempura 550m(In Setsu Niseko)
Luke's Alpine Club Steak and Chop House 550m(In Setsu Niseko)
Niseko Sakura Shabu Shabu 600m
Kamimura French 600m (In Chatrium Niseko) Reservations open for dinner
KITCHEN International 600m (In Chatrium Niseko) Reservations open for dinner
HITO by TACUBO Italian-inspired Wood Fired Dining 600M(IN MUWA Niseko)
HIYAMA Sukiyaki Dining 600M(IN MUWA Niseko)
Musu Bar and Bistro International 650m (In Odin Place) Walk-In Only
The Alpinist Cheese Fondue 650m (In Odin Place) 750m (In Odin Place)
CRAB DINING KANON Hokkaido Crab Specialty & Hot Pot 650m
Hirafu Seinikuten Beef BBQ 700m Reservations open mid October for late lunch and dinner
Tamashi Steak & Hamburger 700m
Ryunabe Chinese Hot Pot 750m
Fuji Sushi Japanese/Casual/Sushi 800m Walk in Only
Japanese Kitchen REN Izakaya 800m
Mame Niseko Chef's Course/ Contemporary Japanese 800m
Niseko Soan Yakiniku BBQ 800m
Steak Rosso Rosso Steak/Western 950m
Sushi Kato Crab Sushi 950m Reservation for dinner (18:00 and 20:00 only)
SHIRAKABA by Naniwatei Japanese Cuisine/ Chef's Course 1km ( In Niseko Kyo)
The Barn by Odin Bistro 850m
Niseko Naniwatei by Amaya Japanese Cuisine/ Chef's Course 1km(In Intuition Niseko)
Villa Lupicia Japanese/Western 1.5km Reservation only from October 4 for dinner. Complimentary transfers upon request

If booking a restaurant not within walking distance, we highly recommend making a taxi reservation in advance. Due to the shortage of taxis in the Niseko area, it may be difficult to arrange.

Please note cancellation policies upon booking to avoid any unwanted fees.