Restaurants around Ki Niseko

Please note that restaurant business conditions are subject to change at any time. Please contact each restaurant directly for more information or to make reservations. Please note that we can only assist with reservations at An Dining.

Restaurant Name Cuisine Distance from Ki Niseko Notes
Sushi Shin Sushi 250m(In Sansui Niseko) Reservation only from November 1st for lunch and dinner. All meals consist of raw fish
Haku Steak Modern Kaiseki 160m Reservation only from November for dinner. Transfer service upon request.
Toshiro Bar Whisky and Cocktail bar 270m(in Sansui Niseko) Walk-in only
Bang Bang Yakitori 400m Reservation available 90 days prior to booking date for dinner
Kumo Restaurant Izakaya 500m(In Skye Niseko)
Sanroku Jingisukan Yakiniku 550m Reservation, pay in advance for lunch (Dec 13 onwards) and dinner
AFURI Ramen 550m Reservation available 60 days prior to booking date for lunch and dinner
Sushi Kato Crab Sushi 950m Reservation for dinner (18:00 and 20:00 only)
AKARU Casual Japanese 750m Reservation for dinner (opens Dec 14)
Kamimura French 600m (In Chatrium Niseko) Reservations open for dinner
KITCHEN (In Chatrium Niseko) International 600m (In Chatrium Niseko) Reservations open for dinner
Kobeitei Beef BBQ 550m Reservations open mid October for late lunch and dinner
Roketto Singaporean Noodle Bar 300m Walk-in for lunch only. Secret event dinners by reservation only via instagram @rokettoniseko or whatsapp:+65-988-02-269
Dining by LUPICIA Japanese/Western Boutique Hotel 350m(In Sansui Niseko) Reservation only for lunch and dinner
Villa Lupicia Japanese/Western 1.5km Reservation only from October 4 for dinner. Complimentary transfers upon request
REN Kitchen Izakaya 800m Reservation only from October 1 (for December and January, and December 1st (for remainder of season)

If booking a restaurant not within walking distance, we highly recommend making a taxi reservation in advance. Due to the shortage of taxis in the Niseko area, it may be difficult to arrange.

Please note cancellation policies upon booking to avoid any unwanted fees.